Clyde "sez"

Clyde at Craft Pride 

Brunch set from Clyde at Craft Pride on Saturday, Sept. 1st. Downbeat at noon. Via 313 Pizza and Texas Craft Beer. No parking worries early!  Rainey Street ATX!

Clyde at Craft Pride 

After 4 almost 4 years of holding down a monthly Sunday residency at Craft Pride on Rainey Street in Austin, Clyde played our last scheduled show in the 6:30 to 9:30 slot last night. Change is good. We have booked the noon brunch on Saturday, Sept. 1, Oct. 13 and Nov. 17. Our 'old friends" might be able to make one of these! Mark your calendar.


2nd Sundays at Craft Pride 

Clyde is happy to announce our 4th year to hold a monthly residency at Craft Pride on Rainey Street in Austin. Great beer and pizza and music lovers. Pretty good people and dog watching too! 2nd Sunday of the month. First show is Feb. 11. See you out there.

The Fabulous Tribe of Clyde 

Just another thank you to our friends and fans for coming out to the 1st Wednesday shows at Twin Creeks Ice House. The tribe has gathered in force. We hope y'all have had as much fun as us. Here's the dates for 2018. Mostly 1st Wednesdays with a few noted exceptions.

Feb. 7, March 7, April 4, May 2, # June 13, # July 11, # Aug. 8, Sept. 5, Oct. 3, Nov. 7, Dec. 5

# denotes not 1st Wednesday

All shows are at 7:00 except, June, July, Aug. and Sept. which begin at 8:00


2018 for Clyde 

Working on 2018 calendar for Clyde. 2 local shows to start with more to come. 

Jan. 10 at Twin Creeks Icehouse from 7 to 9. The tribe will gather and celebrate 4 years with Lisa Fancher on board! 

Feb. 13 at Rumi's Tavern in Jonestown. It's an early Fat Tuesday party! 5 to 8. More details later!

Thanks for all the support in 2018! We love the tribe of Clyde!

The tribe gathered! 

It was a "dark and stormy night"....but yet the tribe of Clyde showed up in force and warmed up the room at Twin Creeks for the 1st Wednesday gathering. It was so fun and friendly. Thanks to all of y'all for your love and support.  

Your Clydendar for the week 

Your Clydendar for the week: Wednesday, Twin Creeks Icehouse- Austin- 7:00

Friday, Brass Hall- Marble Falls-9:00 - open for Uncle Lucius

Saturday, Black Sparrow Music Parlour- Taylor-9:00

See you out there!

Your Clydendar for August 

Clyde has slowed down in August and we planned it that way. Time to rest, fix gear, do maintenance on the truck and recharge. We do have 3 shows this month. Hope to see you out there! Saturday, August 12 - Texas Typhoon Water Park, Pflugerville, 6 to 9 Sunday, August 27, Craft Pride, Austin, 6 to 9 Wednesday, August 30, Twin Creeks Ice House, Austin, 8 to 10

Your Clydendar for the Week 

Here's the week for Clyde:

Wednesday, July 19 at 8:00 - Twin Creeks Ice House, Austin, Gathering of the Tribe

Saturday, July 22 at 7:00 - Texas Music Series, Cultural Activities Center, Temple

Sunday, July 23 at 6:00 - Craft Pride on Rainey Street , Austin


Details at


Texas Typhoon and Clyde 

Saturday, July 8, Clyde will be at the water park in Pflugerville from 6 to 9. Hot fun in the Texas sun, except wet! Texas Typhoon at 45 and 130 intersection. Let's make a splash!

Your Clyde update for the weekend 

Clyde will be at the Pecan Grove Store on Hwy. 16 about 8 miles north of Fredricksburg  on Saturday, June 24 at 3:00. Great outdoor venue, old store and bar and an antique motorcycle show. Music starts at noon.

Clyde will be at our monthly residency at Craft pride on Rainey Street in Austin on Sunday for a 6:00 show. See you out there! for details.


Your Future Clydendar 

The rest of June and July finds Clyde in Fredricksburg, Austin, Marble Falls, Volente, Pflugerville, Buchanan Dam and Temple. Some places more than once. Find us at

Gathering of the Tribe 

Tonight, June 7, at Twin Creeks Ice House in north Austin, it's Clyde on the patio at 7:00. The tribe will be gathering creek side! See y'all out there.